House Halloween Decorations Prompts Neighbor To Call 911

September 28, 2018


With Halloween a little more than a month away, many of us this weekend will be bring out the Halloween decorations.  Just remember to not be too realistic when decorating. The Muhs of Fargo, North Dakota love Halloween.  In fact they've already put up their decorations and while they included blow up balloons depicting ghosts and pumpkins, it was one of the windows that drew attention.  Becky Muhs painted "Help Me" in blood-colored paint on the window.  The day had turned into night and the couple had finished putting up their decorations. They left for a celebration dinner turning off the inflatable fixtures but leaving the interior lights on. As the couple enjoyed dinner, Becky said she started receiving text messages asking if she and her husband were oaky. Becky replied back to the messages that she and her husband were quite alright.  But when the couple returned home, they were greeted by a police office as one neighbor had called 911 Emergency fearing the worse.  After explaining to the officer that the red "help me" on the window was in the spirit of Halloween, the officer told reporters that calls like this happen more often than not during Halloween. 


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