Fan Creates A Web Page To Alert You When Publix Chicken Tender Subs Go On Sale

September 26, 2018

© Tyler Wombles/News Sentinel

While it may appears the United States is becoming homogenized and becoming void of local flavors, stores and brands, one thing rings true in Florid that when you want a sub sandwich, Publix is top of the list. The supermarket chain has a nationwide reputation for the deli sandwiches and in particular the chicken tender sub. The sub is so popular it has its own fan web page and Twitter feed.  By simply visiting, you can instantly find out if it's indeed on sale.  Filled with nostalgic web site graphics including the advancing banana from "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" to a web site view counter, it simply lets you know with a "yes" or "no" answer.  More refined is the Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs On Sale? (@PubSubs_on_sale) Twitter feed which not only alerts you when the chicken tender is on sale but all subs.  Fortunately for Publix chicken tender sub lovers, all subs are on sale for $5.99, which ends today (9.26.18).  

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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