Fall Foliage Forecast Map

August 28, 2018

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Although it may seems like winter is an eternity away, in many parts of the country the beauty of green tree leaves will begin to change as well move into autumn.  SmokyMountains.com has released its annual interactive fall foliage forecast map, predicting when and where the leaves will be at their most vibrant hues of red, yellow, orange, and brown. There's no forecast that's 100% accurate but the map take into considerations historical data in offering its predictions and can give you some guidance on where to go to experience the majesty of fall.  So brew your PSL and take notes as to where to make your plans to travel in order to arrive at peak fall foliage. The week of September 10 minimal changes will be seen New England, the upper Midwest and Rocky Mountains with patchy color changed in upstate New York, northern Vermont and Minnesota as well as the rocky mountains in central Colorado and northern New Mexico. As September comes to an end (week of September 24th) you'll begin to see the beautiful colors in parts of the Northeast, upper Midwest, and in much of Colorado. Minimal changes will begin to spread elsewhere as well. The week of October 1st, will find peak colors in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico.  Mid to late October is when the leaves are at their peak for much of the remaining Rocky Mountains in the west to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina and northern Georgia. Some partial color changes in Florida the week of October 22nd. As we head into November, you can still see peak color changes in the southern states from Texas to South Carolina with the peakness finally being seen in Florida the week of November 12th.

SOURCE: Thrillist

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