Fake Honey Is A Real Concern

September 6, 2018

© Lane Erickson | Dreamstime

Not all honey is created equal.  In many cases fake honey, or more accurately, honey laundering is popular way manufacturers can cheapen the price of honey.  By mixing honey with other substances such as high fructose corn syrup, the price of honey can be reduced.  Back in 2011 a report surfaced that many grocery stores were being flooded with honey considered unsafe in other countries, originating from Asia and India that was potentially laced with lead, other heavy metals and animal antibiotics. Some of the honey was manufactured from artificial sweeteners and then filtered to remove any trace of contamination. It makes it even harder to figure out where honey in grocery stores comes from as most have the pollen removed.  Without pollen, it is near impossible to find out where your honey came from. Even more concerning is a lack of pollen in honey signifies ultra-filtered honey, which may not even be honey at all! So to make sure you aren't feeding your family fake honey, look for products that are not heated or filtered. Take it a step further in looking at the label for a pollen count, so you know where the honey originated. But to be 100% sure you are enjoying honey the way Mother Nature intended is to purchase it from your local farmer's market.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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