Mom Startup Company Creates Face Shields For Children

September 11, 2020

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Getting kids to wear a face mask all day at school can be a daunting task. However two doctors, who happen to be mothers, have created Little Lives PPE, a startup that makes face shields for children as little as two-years old. The face shield is designed to sit comfortably on a child’s face throughout the day, ideally on top of a mask. But even without a face mask, the shield offers PPE protection for their eyes too. A recent study found that eye protection can reduce COVID-19 infection risk by 78%. And while children are less likely to get sick than adults, those who do can end up in an ICU and require ventilation, which the creators have seen firsthand. To be effective, the shields must cover the face from ear to ear, and extend down to the chin. And importantly, there can’t be a gap between the forehead and the front of the shield. Standard face shields are designed for adults and do not offer protection for children; mainly because of the gap between the shield and forehead. Little Lives PPE come in two sizes, one for children aged 2 to 6, and the other for those 7 and up. They’ve tested these products on several children, including their founder's own, and found that children are better able to tolerate wearing these shields throughout the day because they stay in place and don’t restrict their breathing or vision. Little Lives PPE face shields sells for $7 each or 10 for $70 and can be purchased at their website

SOURCE: Fast Company

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