Help Explaining Physical Distancing To Little Ones

March 27, 2020

© Olesia Bilkei | Dreamstime


Explaining the coronavirus to our older kids can be pretty straightforward. But for our little kids, who may now be home from daycare or preschool indefinitely and missing their regular playdates with their toddler or preschool-age friends, it’s a little trickier. COVID19 is an event we have never truly experienced before, so finding help online is tough.  Fortunately there is a fledgling author named Kim St. Lawrence who created a children’s story, "Time to Come in, Bear: A Children’s Story About Social Distancing" and has created an online video you can share with your kiddo. The story starts off, “Time to come in, Bear. The world caught a cold. You won’t get its germs if you just stay at home.” It then goes on to explain in a calming, rhyming cadence all the fun things they can still do inside, why it’s important to hold off on visiting their grandparents and that playdates aren’t over forever. “While we stay inside, Bear, the heroes still fight,” the story wraps up. “To clean up the germs and make the world alright.”

SOURCE: Offspring

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