Avoid The Raw Egg Eyelid Lift

December 4, 2018

© Atman | Dreamstime

Another Internet trend is sparking health warnings from experts as beauty bloggers across the internet are promoting applying raw egg whites on to the eye area to tighten the skin as a homemade DIY eyelid lift. What makes this one a little difficult to disprove is if you whites to any part of the skin you’ll notice it feels a bit tight and dry, so theoretically your eyelids may feel a bit lifted.  But those effects do not mimic Botox and will be short-lived and not drastic. As well as not being effective, the egg white hack could also be dangerous, according to one expert. A plastic surgeon warns that people trying the hack could end up giving themselves food poisoning by messing around with raw eggs. While it’s unlikely you’ll miss your eye area and chuck raw egg directly into your mouth, it’s possible that touching raw egg, either when applying it to your face or afterwards, when you touch your face – could pass bacteria on to other foods you consume. There’s also the chance that egg white’s sticky, drying nature could cause irritation, not ideal around the delicate eye area.


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