Poop In The Dark

June 6, 2019

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Now on to a subject that we all do yet many are embarrassed to discuss but being distracted doing it is turning out to be a big problem.  It's pooping. At least three-quarters of Americans, including 96% of members of Gen Z, do a "number two" with their smartphones. Doctors have noticed the rate of hemorrhoids have increased three fold since the introduction of the first smart phone in 2008. Coincidence?  It has led to a movement, of sorts, in which people encourage others to poop in the dark. But why the dark? The idea of turning out the lights and getting down to business has many claiming it as an eutrophic experience. A gastroenterologist and co-author of a book that explores different types of bowel movements, says although the exact science is unknown, it is thought the quick and immediate bowl evacuation fires up the nerves in this area and releases endorphins. So pooping with the lights out (and without any distractions) may help with a "proper rate of exit." 

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