Can Eating Bananas Before Pregnancy Mean A Boy Is On The Way?

January 3, 2019


There are many anecdotes expecting parents will do to ensure they welcome either a boy or girl to the family.  For years one of these notions involves bananas. It goes that if the mother eats bananas before conception, they will increase the chances of having a boy. While it may sound as far-fetched as tying a piece of string to your wedding ring, lying down and dangling the ring over your belly, there may be some truth to the banana thing! Researchers surveyed 740 women during their first pregnancy and found that those with a diet high in potassium (one of the main vitamins in bananas) were more likely to have a boy. The same was said for women who had higher calorie, calcium and sodium intakes. However changing your diet to influence the sex of a future kid can be a risky move, health-wise, spurring mothers-to-be to overload on some nutrients and to ignore others!  A safer idea may be to focus on eating healthily in general and leaving the rest up to chance.

SOURCE: Delish & New York Magazine

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