The Art Of The Apology

July 8, 2019

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Next time you are late to work, forget an appointment or want to get out of social obligation, make sure your excuse is plausible and out of your control. A philosophy Professor offers some insight into the art of the apology and making them believable. Basically your intention, truthful or not, needs to be honorable and that your intention really was morally adequate but something beyond your control prevented you from translating it into action. Some excuses that generally work for missing an appointment include, "I had a migraine." "I haven't slept for three nights" and "I was preoccupied with worries about my mother's health." They all indicate an adequate underlying moral motivation that was thwarted by external circumstances. Excuses such as "I just couldn't resist" and “It was too tempting" don't work, nor do appeals to things that are obviously immoral.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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