Elderberries May Help In Shortening A Cold

January 3, 2020

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Though there are no known cures for the common cold, take a quick stroll through your local pharmacy and you're sure to find a wide assortment of decongestants and supplements to restore you to good health. Cold medications treat symptoms like coughing and stuffed-up sinuses, whereas supplements claim to help fight the cold itself so you can recover faster or avoid getting sick in the first place. One lesser-known cold remedy, Elderberry, has been growing in popularity as both a natural cold treatment and subject of scientific studies. Elderberry is a fruit that grows wild throughout the world and yes, it is toxic if eaten raw.  However it has been part of healing regimens for centuries. Today elderberry extract is available over the counter in many forms in health food stores and although there's no definitive conclusion on elderberry effectiveness in battling a cold, there have been some promising scientific experiments. A study of cold-sufferers on airplanes found a “significant reduction of cold duration and severity” when elderberry extract was taken in 300 mg capsules. Another study found that those who took elderberry extract as 15 mL of liquid, recovered from their colds about four days faster than those who took a placebo. Recent tests have found that compounds inside elderberry function as an antiviral medication, fighting to stop the cold virus from replicating and surviving inside your body. Elderberry also seems to trigger the immune system to fight infection more efficiently. Remember to talk with your doctor first before starting any medication, including natural remedies.

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