Easy Ways To Get Your Younger Child To Remember Your Phone Number

September 6, 2018

© Dmitriy Melnikov | Dreamstime

There was a time in America where you had to remember the ten-digit number that would connect you via the telephone to your friends and family.  Nowadays we just store them in our phones. But when it comes to younger kids who have yet to own a phone, knowing how to call for mom and dad in an emergency can be a challenge.  So here is a memorable way to get that phone number in your young child's head, sing it like a jingle.  Perhaps the perfect jingle is the theme song for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (the current version or the original 1955 version works just as well). Simply replace M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E with the digits of your phone number, with the final letter replaced with "mom" or "dad." Another way for a young child to memorize your phone number is with Phone Booth Hopscotch.  Use chalk to draw a dial pad onto the sidewalk and then see how fast they can step on the correct numbers in order. It’s like a low-tech version of Dance Dance Revolution. A high tech way is to make your phone number their iPad password. Under the passcode options in your settings, switch to a custom numeric code.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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