Tips To Ease Sore Muscles After A Workout

February 20, 2020



You have a fantastic workout and you feel great, until the next morning! Every move you make is in agony and it can derail your momentum fora healthier you.  So here are some tips to ease your sore body.  One of the biggest questions is to use heat or ice to relax your muscles. Applying cold is helpful when you want to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. It can also reduce painful muscle spasms. Be sure to immediately ice a new injury to keep swelling in check and reduce the pain of pressure on the injury. Heat helps soothe sore muscles that cause back pain or neck pain. It works best for injuries that are at least few days old as heat opens blood vessels, which can assist the healing process and alleviate some of your pain. Active recovery is an effective strategy for reducing overall fatigue from muscles worked during exercise. Light exercise with minimal resistance like yoga, walking, swimming or cycling is said to help ease soreness in your muscles as it allows blood to flood the muscles with nutrients and clear out metabolic waste. While a sports massage sounds like a good idea, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that a sports massage will help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. Studies have found that using compression garments can lower muscle soreness during the recovery period and get you back to your maximum strength faster. But again, the studies are not conclusive and some researchers suggest that other factors could be playing a part in this as well as simply the progression garments. Scheduling breaks into your fitness routine is really important – not only for your body, but also for your mental health. You don’t want to over train and end up with fitness burnout. Your muscles recover when you have regular breaks, so no matter how intense your training goals are, it’s really important to have at least one day every week where you’re not doing any intense exercise whatsoever.

SOURCE: Metro 

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