Company Looking To Hire Three Chocolate Fans To Spread Their Love Of It

February 5, 2019

© Mikael Damkier | Dreamstime

Chocolate-lovers, you may want to dust off your resume and apply for this job! A Dutch chocolate company, which focuses on producing and selling chocolates that promote fair trade practices, is on the search for people who love chocolate and love to travel. Tony’s Chocolonely prides itself in selling 100% slave free chocolates to the world and needs you to help spread the word in the USA. They're looking for three people to become the new staff of its Chocotruck and take the vehicle on a multi-city drive throughout the U.S. to share their love of chocolate with people across the country. Chocoholics are invited to apply for both the captain and co-pilot spots now through Feb. 12 for the chance to take the truck on a tour across ten different U.S. cities this spring, including Austin, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago. As part of the job, those chosen will help to educate people about the inequalities that can exist in the cocoa industry, including illegal child labor on cocoa farms. The driver will be responsible for not only steering the truck filled with chocolate goodies, but also managing a team of two other co-pilots and handling the logistics, activations, photography, and daily recap of the tour. The roles, which last four months for the captain and three months for co-pilots, include competitive salary and perks (including those in chocolate form). The captain position also includes the possibility to extend the role to a permanent position. Click on Captain or co-pilot to apply for the job.

SOURCE: Travel + Lesiure

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