Dr. Seuss Books Delivered 20 Years Later

October 3, 2018

© Kelpfish | Dreamstime

It may take some time but the Postal Service will deliver the mail, even if it's 2 years late! Vera Walker of Orlando ordered a set of Dr. Seuss books for her granddaughter in 1998, when she was 4-years old.  Sadly the bundle of books never arrived and it appeared the package was truly lost in the mail.  However it wasn't until last month that the lost package was found stuck inside an old mailbox and true to their promise of delivering mail, a postal carrier made the delivery.  A little confused as to the delivery, Vera glanced down at the postmark which read, October 1998. Vera says the books actually arrived just in time as her granddaughter has a son of her own, who is 5-years old who is enjoying the books!


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