Donate Unused LEGOs To The LEGO Replay Program

November 5, 2019

© Volodymyrkrasyuk | Dreamstime


Toys come in and out of favor and for parents of older children, most likely there's a box (or more) of LEGOs that is taking up storage space. But thanks to LEGO Replay, you can officially donate your LEGO toys to children who can’t wait to put the pieces to good creative use. The donation program is a collaboration with Give Back Box, an organization works to provide convenient ways to donate used household items while reusing corrugated boxes and recycling them as well. In order to hand down your LEGOs using the LEGO Replay program, simply pack your toys in cardboard box and print a free shipping label from the Give Back Box website. After the donation reaches Give Back Box, the LEGO pieces are sorted, inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Afterwards, the majority of the toys will be sent to Teach For America to be distributed to children in need. The rest will go to certain Boys & Girls Clubs, which will use the LEGOs in its after-school programs.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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