Foster Pets For Deployed Military Service Members

October 2, 2019

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When a military service member is deployed, it can be for a few weeks to years. That deployment can be quick too, leaving the soldier with a tough decision regarding their pet; find a long-term boarding situation for their pet (which is costly) or face the possibility of surrendering their animal. Now you can volunteer as a temporary foster parent for their pets Dogs on Deployment.  It’s a pet fostering network that has helped nearly 1,800 military service members’ pets. The website help connect service members with temporary caretakers. To find available pets in need of a foster parent near you, plug in your zip code and listings should appear. Once you’ve found a pet in need, you’ll have to register and create an account as a “DoD Boarder.” From there, you can reach out to the military service member to discuss foster details. If you don’t see any pets in need in your area, you can create an account anyway so that service members can reach out in the future. Dogs on Deployment also help veterans and spouses of members who are dealing with illness or are pregnant and unable to care for a pet. They also accepts donations that go toward providing pet-related financial assistance for military service members who are not currently deployed, too. CLICK HERE to get started in fostering deployed service member's pets.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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