Dog Myths Debunked

January 16, 2019

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Your dog is the cutest, funniest and smartest in the world, but there's a lot we don't know about our best friend and some information that is simply outdated. So we're gonna look at some dog myths and see if they're true or just myths. #1: Dogs are completely colorblind.  Come to find out that is a myth. Dogs are partially color blind, but have the ability to see yellow, green, and blue or combinations of those colors. As motion and brightness are more important for dogs, their partial color blindness does not affect them much. #2-One human year equals seven dog years. That too is simply not accurate. The rate of maturation looks a lot different in dogs than it does in people. It takes a less than a year for a dog to reach the adult stage, and after that it takes nearly six years for it to move on to the mature stage of its life. In other words: "Dog years" depend on the dog itself. The American Animal Hospital Association Canine Life Stages Guidelines is what many veterinarians use to treat their patients. This list divides a dog's lifespan into six stages: puppy, junior, adult, mature, senior, and geriatric, which is more accurate in determining the age of your dog. #3 A dry or warm nose indicates a dig is sick. That is a myth. A dog's nose actually naturally dries out in its sleep, but is right back to normal about 10 minutes after it wakes up. Dryness can also be due to allergies, sunburn, or dehydration, and some dogs' noses tend to get dryer as they age. #4-Male dogs only hump. False. Mounting is a sign of both dominance and insecurity and can be performed by either a male or female dog. Some dogs hump when they become excited or stressed by a situation. A female dog may even hump to get attention.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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