Doctors Stress The Importance Of Childhood Playtime

August 22, 2018

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 With childhood obesity rates continuing to increase while recess and outdoor activates continuing to decrease, the American Academy of Pediatrics say pediatricians should prescribe more playtime to children. Compared to kids of the 80s, today's kids under 11 have 12 fewer hours a week of playtime than their parents did and 30% of school children spend their breaks indoors. America's top doctors say there is clear evidence that playing around is key for development of social-emotional skills, cognitive development, language, and self-regulation, which are crucial to being a sensitive, intelligent and independent person. Playing with parents is key to building a trusting relationship between parent and child. While parents look for ways to give their children the best opportunities in life and to keep them out of trouble by keeping them busy, it has all lead to less time kids have to play for the sake of playing.  The American Academy of Pediatrics hopes that if writing down a prescription, they say, will at least impact upon parents the importance of this seemingly frivolous activity.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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