Avoid Using Hand Sanitizer On Your Pets

July 31, 2020



A bottle of hand sanitizer is an item just about everyone has on them right now. They disinfect your hand in seconds, they're portable and their toxic to dogs and cats. Here's what you need to know about the disinfectant to help keep your furry friend safe. The good news is yes, you and your pet should be completely safe as long as the owner is using hand sanitizer correctly; meaning your hands are completely dry after applying it to your hands before touching them. The majority of hand sanitizers contain ethanol or ethyl alcohol, which usually doesn't appeal to pets due to the pungent smell and is not typically palatable to pets. Although they are effective in killing viruses on human hands, they should not be used on your dogs' or cats' paws. It can be dangerous for pets if it's absorbed through the skin or ingested in large amounts due to the alcohol content. If your pet somehow gets into a bottle of sanitizer, you need to get them to your vet immediately. A good rule of thumb is that unless a product is specially made for pets, you shouldn't be using it on your pet.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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