Ditch The Fake Spider Webs Outdoors

October 3, 2019

© arinahabich / Getty Images


With 27 days remaining until Halloween, now is a good time to get into the spirit with some Halloween home decorations. While illuminating jack-o-lanterns and inflatable ghosts dot your front yard, stay away from using fake spider and cob webs. Those spooky gooky strands gumming up the trees and bushes have long been the stuff of nightmares for birds and small animals, who become tangled, and in many cases, are unable to free themselves. Not to mention that autumn is the time of year many birds migrate and fake spider webs are a real danger. So this year, skip the fake spider webs. If you absolutely need to have one for the perfect look, consider a rope spider web, which is not as entangled as those made from cotton or polyester batting.  And make sure you display your rope sider web away from where birds and small animals would naturally appear, such as trees and bushes. CLICK HERE to learn to make your opwn rope spider web.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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