Most People Are Not Friends With Their Neighbors

December 31, 2019

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In decades past, it wasn’t uncommon at all for the average family to know each and every one of their neighbors living close by on the same street.  Times have changed wth 1 in four people say they consider their neighbors mere acquaintances at best. Sadly, nearly a quarter wouldn’t dream of knocking on one of their doors uninvited because there is “no sense of community spirit” in their neighborhood. One in 10 modern adults say they only see their neighbors less than once per month and 56% say they have no interest in getting to know those who live next door any better than they already do. 40% say they are “friendly” with a few of their neighbors, but still wouldn’t call them actual friends with the average neighbor knowing the names of just five people living on their street. While four in 10 say they’ve thought about greeting one of their neighbors at home, 24% say they don’t want to come across as clingy or creepy, and 22% say there just isn’t enough local community spirit for them to comfortably visit a neighbor’s house.

SOURCE: Study Finds

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