Disney Launches Lines Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

December 11, 2018

© Chris Leary | Dreamstime

Kind of a newer tradition is the ugly Christmas sweater. While the correct term should just be Christmas-themed sweater, some take great pride in creating a sweater you'd only want to be seen in once a year.  Disney is jumping in with their version of an ugly Christmas sweater sold at the Disney store.  And while there is the Star Wars Light Up Sweater, which is grey with green horizontal rows of RD-D2 and the Alliance Starbird insignia that lights up! The two sweaters deemed "ugly" are the Mickey Mouse "Ugly" Christmas Sweater For Adults. It is green and it features rows and rows of tiny Mickey Mouse ears in red and black, along with candy canes, boughs of holly, and, of course, snowflakes galore. The second one is the Mickey Mouse Ear Hat "Ugly" Sweater for Women. It's black, and like the green version, it features several rows of tiny Mickey Mouse ears, but this time in red and grey. They're mixed in with rows of candy canes, snowflakes, and holly. The sweaters sell at Disney Parks a, the Disney Store and online.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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