Save Money By Diluting Your Shampoo and Conditioner With Water

October 12, 2020

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We can all do with some advice on how to save money, but this one may make you think how much money you've wasted for decades on shampoo and conditioner. Come to find out, we're using too much shampoo and conditioner and you can dilute each by half with regular water and still achieve the same results. For the majority of us, washing with excess cleansers dries out our hair, makes color fade faster, and doesn't provide any additional benefits. In fact, many hair studios have been diluting shampoo and conditioner for years. So nest time you buy shampoo or conditioner, save the empty bottles and fill them half with the product from the new bottles and fill the rest with water. You'll need to leave enough room to agitate the contents inside bottle so it mixes, but you can count on big cash savings by reducing the refills.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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