What Your Handshake Means

June 7, 2019

It is said that you can learn a lot about someone by the way they shake your hand. A body language experts offers some analysis on the different types of handshakes. The hand crush is clearly meant to intimidate you. The hand crusher grabs you aggressively and squeezes too hard, leaving you dreading the goodbye handshake. It is favored by people who want to appear confident and dominant in a situation. The hand hug is also known as ‘the politician’s handshake’, the hand hug follows the traditional handshake except the left hand is wrapped over the top, forming a protective cocoon. It is a supportive type of handshake, like a professional version of a hug, used by people who want to appear trustworthy and honest. The dead fish is the opposite of the hand crush and is one of the most unpleasant types of handshake. Just like a dead fish, the other person's hand goes limp, numb and seems to have no bones. This type of handshake indicates that someone has a passive personality, is uncertain or is indifferent. The hand wrestle is an ultra-aggressive type of handshake; it is a power play employed by a dominant figure. The hand is grabbed and yanked towards the other person, within their territory, then released at their preferred time. The hand wrestler is manipulative, and want things done their way. The finger tips is often seen in male-female encounters, the hand is stretched out from a distance, allowing the other person to grasp just two or three fingers. As the hands never meet, it is impossible to get a good grip. This handshake signifies a need for personal space. Sweaty palms scream, ‘I’m nervous and don’t want to be here’. This is because when a person experiences discomfort, their sympathetic nervous system becomes overactive, producing more sweat. These people are generally self-conscious and tend to over-analyze. The Alpha is another form of aggression with the alpha displaying their palm downward, forcing the person opposite to place their palm up in a submissive position. It also features a deeply uncomfortable stare. This handshake is used by someone in a position of authority (like a boss), who feels in total control of a situation.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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