This App Points Out Spots For The Perfect Instagram Photos

June 26, 2019


More than likely you will be doing some traveling this summer and definitely by the end of the year. The best way to cherish those experiences are with a picture. Plus with Instagram being such a easily accessible way to share those memories it might be worth you downloading Depalo.  It is an app that suggest spots near you that might be great for a photo. The free app uses GPS technology to locate spots near you that have proven to be big hits on Instagram. Scenic street corners, colorful murals, and the perfect cafe will take the mystery out of where to take that perfect selfie. Depalo breaks down prime photo locations by city and tells you how to get there as well as offers tips on how to snap the perfect shot when you arrive. Plus you can add to the list if you find a great location for a photo.  The Apple app is available on iTunes.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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