Stick A Tennis Ball On The Top Of Your Broom Stick

September 17, 2019

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Tennis balls are for tennis, to play a game of catch with your dog and even help grandma's walker slide across the floor.  But tennis balls are not for cleaning around your house, right? Come to find out one cleaning hack you should employ is to stick a tennis ball at the end of your broom. We all do our best to keep our floors reasonably clean. So when scuff marks show up, it’s disconcerting. Scuff marks happen when rubber or leather scrapes against your floor. Sneakers can leave scuff marks, but so can nice leather dress shoes. Rubber tips on the feet of chairs or step stools can also leave scuff marks. Sweeping and mopping don’t seem to touch them. However a tennis ball offers just enough abrasion to remove scuffs without damaging stone, wood or wood laminate flooring. Get the cleanest tennis ball you can find. Using a box cutter or razor blade (carefully!) cut an “X” shape into a spot on the tennis ball. You don’t want the “X” to be too big—just big enough to squeeze the end of your broom handle through it like a straw through a cup lid. Affix the tennis ball to the end of your broom or mop handle and you're ready to go. When you find a scuff mark, use leverage to apply pressure while you move the tennis ball back and forth in order to “erase” the scuff mark from the floor.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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