These Jeans Filter Out Farts!

October 24, 2018


Like it or not, everyone farts, and they do it far more than you’d think. Healthy people pass gas up to 20 times a day and some of those are accompanied with an awful smell. Fortunately a UK-based company called Shreddies makes “flatulence filtering” jeans that promise to eliminate your worst smells before they can escape. Shreddies are lined with activated charcoal, a substance that’s great at absorbing odors and should filter out your flatulence for two to three years. The company says that to be effective, the jeans have to fit tightly against the skin, ensuring that your gas is absorbed directly into the fabric. The jeans, available for men and women, cost roughly $130 plus shipping. And for days beyond casual Friday, The company also makes fart-filtering underwear and pajamas.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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