Deli Meat Slicer Admits Eating $9200 Of Ham & Salami One Slice At A Time

September 21, 2018

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An Ohio woman will not face criminal charges after she admitted eating more than $9200 worth of ham and salami while on the job in the deli.  According to the sheriff report, 36-year old Catherine Brenick had been working a regional chain store for the last 5 years and admitted she had been cutting and consuming slices of deli ham and salami over that time period.  However the cold cuts case will not be pursued as the grocery store chain has declined to prosecute the former deli meat slicer, who also was a former deli clerk at Walmart. No word as to how the grocery store chain came up with the $9200 figure however some quick math of working 350 days a year (two weeks off for vacation) X 5 years equals 1750 days. Divide the total of $9200 by 1750 and she was allegedly eating around $5 of deli meat a day!

SOURCE: The Smoking Gun

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