How You Cam Delete Those Tracking Ads From Virtually Everywhere Online

June 2, 2020

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You decide to take a few minutes to shop online for shoes.  Now every webpage you visit is filled with ads for shoes.  Social media is guilty of the same thing and it can not only be annoying, but if those shoes are supposed to be a surprise gift, it isn't.  The good news is there are ways to control those targeted ads and with a little time and instruction, you can enjoy the web without those tracking ads popping up on your screen. For instance, to remove ads on Google's web browser, open a new tab and type You will see a running tally of everything you have done using Google products. Select the dates you wish to delete. You'll then go to another page that will prompt you which data to delete.  From Google ads to YouTube, select the ones you want cleaned and click OK. Links to specific instruction on how to see what Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, Snapchat and other data sites have collected about you, as well as how to download and delete it are on our website. Not so specific ad trackers, known as data brokers, are a bit trickier and in many cases, you'll need to create an account with them.  However once that account has been created, you can opt-out of receiving ads.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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