How To Clear Your Browsing History In Amazon

September 12, 2018

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It's happened to you. You hope on Amazon and do a search for pink bunny slippers to give your niece as a present and all of the sudden you begin to see online ads for pink bunny slippers for weeks! Amazon keeps a list of every item you've ever viewed on its website, which can be helpful for shopping, but problematic if you're trying to hide, say, a birthday gift. The good news is you can wipe clean certain or all searches in your search history. To completely clear out your recent shopping history, log into Amazon and scroll down to the bottom of the screen t and click on "see all your recently viewed items" You will then see all the items you've ever searched for on amazon.  You can click "remove" on the individual items to remove those pink bunny slippers or if you want to delete all searched items, click on "Manage History" to open a sub window which can allow you to delete it all.  Or if you don't want Amazon keeping tabs on what you've searched for in the future, you can turn off the setting too. Keep in mind if you turn off the browsing history, it is only for the device you are currently using, not your account. Happy shopping!

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