Delete Saved Alexa Recordings

February 24, 2020

© Ylivdesign | Dreamstime


It's a perplexing situation.  Amazon's Alexa is an amazing leap of technology in that it understands the commands you tell it to do. However to understand your voice, Amazon needs to analyze your speech and to do this, it records and listens to your voice.  What many people may not realize is there’s a way to access any recordings the speaker may have made of your conversations. And, if you want to, you can delete them. To see what has been recorded, and to delete them, you’ll need to open that on either your iOS or Android phone or tablet. From there, tap the menu bar in the left-hand side and click through to Settings. Next, tap on ‘Alexa Privacy’ and you’ll find an option called ‘Review Voice History’. This will display all the voice recordings that Alexa has and it's simple to delete them by checking the box next to each statement and pushing the delete button. While nobody likes the idea of having people listen to recordings of your conversations, bear in mind that Alexa improves its performance based on how you use it. So if you make a habit of deleting all your voice recordings then you’ll have greater privacy but you may also find the gadget doesn’t work as well as you want it to.


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