Dealing With Toxic Co-Workers

August 13, 2018

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Every office has a least one, the toxic co-worker. From manipulation, aggression and gossiping to lying and blaming, working in a toxic environment can make the work feel like prison, so here is how you can better handle them. Choose your battles and don't get sucked into emotional games with a toxic co-worker. Many manipulative and high conflict people try to recruit their colleagues into 'us and them' scenarios, which undermines otherwise healthy working relationships, and causes confusion and conflict. Maintain a strategic, deliberate and calm approach. Choose which issues are the most important to respond to, and which issues you can ignore. Develop allies in the office who can help you to navigate the organizational politics. Talking to someone you trust who can guide you on the best pathway to assert yourself can really be helpful. Watch your emotional energy.  The 'fight or flight' response is natural when you are dealing with a high conflict person or feel a risk of being harassed, and it's exhausting, especially if you are under pressure. Take regular breaks during the work day if you can, and also take time to recharge outside of work. Finally, hold on to your integrity. Toxic conduct can bring out the worst in everyone, so choose to be better than the bully, the gossip and the underminer. Your integrity will be a source of strength. You will also model presence, grace and dignity to those around you. Dealing with a toxic co-worker is never easy. You may not be able to change your colleague's conduct, but their impact will be reduced with your strategic approach, right mindset and firm resolve.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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