Get A Better Deal On A Moving Truck Rental

October 30, 2019

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Who doesn't love moving?  The packing!  The boxes! The aching back! And of course the boxes you lose until your next move when they mysteriously show up! Moving can also be expensive, so it makes sense to look for the lowest price; especially if you are looking to rent a moving truck and move yourself.  But be aware not all moving companies charge the same and depending on when and where you are moving, there could be a several hundred dollar difference.  Like resorts and airlines, moving truck rental companies charge by demand, so the peak summer months will have higher fees. Also where you are going, depending on the rental company, may cost you more or less. Many companies need to hire drivers to move empty trucks to different locations, so if you find yourself heading to a destination where the truck will be needed, it may cost you less! Also the timing of your move.  Since most leases are month-to-month, the end of the month will see higher moving van rental fees too. Also, three-day weekends are in high demand. So when it's time to move, make sure you shop around. There are websites, such as Unpakt, which compares and offers instant quotes for a variety of local moving companies near you. There is also Moving101, which offers a variety of price comparisons for different types of moves. The bottom line is that you need to do your homework before renting a moving truck, thinking of it like booking airplane tickets. Moving is a major expense, so putting in a little extra time could result in some pretty big savings.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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