Practice How To Break Up Via Text The Right Way

August 27, 2019



Technology has change the way we live and communicate.  It's also brought us a slew of new words that singles are aware of.  Ghosting is breaking off a relationship by stopping all communication and contact with the partner without any apparent warning. Many times it's because the Ghoster doesn't know how to make a clean break, until now. The website, Quartz, has created a simulator called the Quartz Breakup Trainer,  that lets you practice a clean breakup via text. The simulator places you in a hypothetical situation, where you've just received a text from somebody who you have been on one or two dates with, but who you're not interested in seeing again. You are then offered a multiple choice option of how you would like to respond, with helpful hints on how to proceed at every stage of the conversation. The Quartz Breakup Trainer is a chatbot so there's no chance of you hurting its feelings, and it incorporates insights from an array of dating and relationships experts, meaning it can offer you advice throughout your interaction with it. CLICK HERE for the simulator.

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SOURCE: Men's Health

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