The Skinny On Using Laxatives To Lose Weight

March 26, 2019

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It is hard to believe that we are less than a week away from the beginning of April! With the days getting longer and warmer, desperate diets rear up their dangerous heads in online searches as people look for a quick fix in losing weight.  One very dangerous method is taking laxatives for weight loss. However the truth is, laxatives may make you feel less bloated, and they do nothing in assisting you in weight loss. In the simplest terms, laxatives help lubricate the intestine to move items through that may be stuck. That’s it. You might think you're losing weight because of how much lighter you feel after doing to the bathroom, but you're not burning calories or removing fat, so any 'weight loss' is temporary and not real. In reality, when you use a laxative, you are losing a little stool and a lot of water. And as every diet states, water is essential for weight loss. Another myth is that laxative use for weight loss speeds up your metabolism (since you are going to the bathroom more often). The skinny on that is by the time food has become matter to be discharged, all the nutrients, calories, protein, carbs and fat have already been removed and stored in the body. In fact, taking laxatives for weight loss can actually create the opposite effect. By taking laxatives regularly, you essentially teach the muscles of your intestines and colon to shut off, since they get used to having an outside source do their job. The result: paradoxical constipation. So ti is best to only use a laxative as directed and with your doctor's approval. As convincing as stores are online about losing weight with laxatives, those stories are simply not true.

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SOURCE: Women's Health

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