CVS & UPS To Begin Medication Drone Deliveries In The Villages Next Week

April 28, 2020

© Oleksandr Delyk | Dreamstime


Something as simple as picking up a prescription from the pharmacy can be life-threatening for those most vulnerable to COVID-19. So this announcement couldn't have come at a better time.  United Parcel Service (UPS) announced they will be partnering with CVS Pharmacies in The Villages to begin delivery of medications by unmanned drones.  Starting Monday (May 4, 2020), residents of The Villages are eligible to have their prescriptions picked up from participating CVS pharmacies and delivered to their doorstep via a UPS-operated drone. The first test flights will be less than half a mile from one CVS store, and UPS Ground drivers will complete the delivery, at least initially. If that goes well, two more CVS stores will join at a later date. The so-called UPS Airline received the FAA's highest level of certification (Part 135 Certification) available, allowing the UPS drones to fly over people, at night, with packages that weigh over 55 pounds, and out of an operator’s line of sight. The particular CVS locations participating was not immediately known. However these drone delivery methods are still very much in the testing phase, so don’t expect them to scale-up substantially any time soon, but they could prove to be effective enough to warrant further expansions.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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