Crustless Pies May Be Making Their Way To Your Thanksgiving Celebration

October 12, 2018

© Msheldrake | Dreamstime

With just three paychecks left before Thanksgiving, the annual giving of thanks menu is in full swing. Turkey, stuffing and of course the dessert staple, pie! Picture that pie in the oven. What do you see? I bet you see a flakey crust that's getting lightly browned on top, don't you? Well not this year!  There's a crustless pie trend happening. You may go to a relative's house this holiday season and be served a slice of apple pie without the crust!  Popular crustless pie recipes don't forgo many of the ingredients in a classic pie crust, they just use them differently. Instead of making a crust with flour they mix flour with eggs and butter and pour the mixture over the fruit and sugar. The end result is something more in line with flan rather than pie. The fruit ends up embedded in a cake-like base. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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