Is It Safe To Use Cruise Control When It Is Raining?

August 2, 2019

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You car's cruise control can be a lifesaver on a long road trip.  But when it starts to rain, is it a good idea to keep the cruise control on or off?  There has been an Internet story that has been circulating for a while that shares the story of a car that began to hydro-plane when it was raining and the cruise control was engaged, causing the car to suddenly accelerate when it loses contact with the road, which could cause a life-threatening accident.   Sounds frightening but is that true? Trying to find the answer is murky at best with several websites offering different viewpoints.  Perhaps we should start with hydro-plaining itself.  While it can occurs when rain causes your car's tires to lose traction with the road, you need a lot of rain, enough so that there’s a significant amount of standing water on the road surface. It is common especially with a typical Florida thunderstorm.  But this is where your car's traction control safety feature takes over.  When your car detects the tires are losing contact with the road, it will automatically disengage the cruise control.  The same is true with the ABS feature of your brakes. This isn’t unique to one particular brand, this is how all cruise control systems work, and have worked since the widespread adoption of vehicle stability systems in the early 1990s. So, unless something is wrong with your cruise control system, if you’re using it in the rain and you encounter a situation where the car begins to lose control, the cruise control system will be turned off immediately. It will not attempt to keep accelerating the car. More important is the safety and comfort you feel.  If you are uncomfortable using cruise control when it rain, don't.

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SOURCE: Jalopnik

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