Create Your Own Amazon Alexa Skill

February 15, 2019

© Ylivdesign | Dreamstime

Amazon's Alexa has skills, such as turning lights on and off and even ordering food for you.  That's what these actions are called and very recently you had to hope that a developer had created a skill for Alexa to get the artificial intelligent tube to do what you wanted. Last year, Amazon released its Alexa Blueprints tool, which lets anyone create a skill without needing to know how to code. That men you can create your own Alexa skill and it couldn't be easier.  First visit to open up the store where you can make custom greetings, fun games, create quizzes and hundreds of business-related skills. Choose from categories like Flash Briefing, Blog, Birthday Wish and more.  Then plug in the required information and send it to your Alexa device. The good news is this feature has been out for a year, which mean thousands of other people have already created many skills you can just simply send to your device. So if you want to read your kids a bedtime story even when you are away on a business trip, you can pre-load your voice reading a story and even break it into chapters that change nightly. The ideas are virtually limitless. CLICK HERE and start creating your own Alexa skill!

SOURCE: Engadget

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