Get Organized At Home By Creating Drop Zones

August 24, 2020

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Working from home makes keeping your work area organized can be a challenge.  Add to the mix the kids returning to the classroom virtually and you just added fuel to the fire. Sharing work space with family at the kitchen table or in the living room means you don’t know where your stuff begins and your children’s stuff ends. But you can bring order to the chaos by creating "drop zones." The idea is simple enough, create assigned carts, buckets, or baskets for each person’s stuff that can be rolled out or brought in as needed. That way when it's time to have dinner at the dinner table that has been transformed into a work area, you can quickly place everyone's stuff into their designated "drop zone." When every person has their own dedicated drop zone or space, there’s no fighting over stolen or missing school supplies, toys, or other goodies, helping to eliminate at least one headache for parents. These zones can exist along walls or in corners so that they’re out of the way and easier to keep things a bit more tidy.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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