Set Up A Decoy Keyboard For Your Cat To Sit On

March 28, 2019

© Brenda Carson | Dreamstime

There's a few things cat owners will happily share to potential parents of a feline.  They will love the box itself more than the toy inside of it. They don't really want attention, but also they don't want you to give attention to anything else. And they love to sit on everything you own.  A shopping bag you lay on the bed, a magazine you pick up to read and even sitting their derrière on your computer keyboard when you begin to type!  It’s cute sometimes, but sometimes it is not, which is why you should set up a “decoy keyboard” for a cat. it's quite clever considering there are a lot of old keyboard lying around.  The key in setting up the decoy to work with your cat's idiosyncrasies. Perhaps placing it in front of the monitor while the real keyboard is in your lap or in a pullout tray (most computer desks have one).  Perhaps you cat will be too smart to fall for the decoy but there may be a chance they'll explore the new item for a few minutes and that's just enough time for you to wrap up project and get back to playing with your cat!

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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