Recent Survey Finds Most Americans Still Concerned With Coronavirus

June 15, 2020

As much as we yearn for the days we had never heard of coronavirus, social distancing or face masks, the facts are that COVID19 is still here.  Although Florida is re-opening, new daily coronavirus cases in Florida exceeded 2,000 cases yesterday for a second day in a row, causing some restaurants that just opened to re-close due to COVID19 infections. It should be no surprise that a recent Consumer Reports survey found that 76% of Americans are somewhat or very concerned with COVID19 continuing to spread in our local areas. Even as restrictions were being lifted, most Americans said they would be making at least some permanent changes to their daily lives due to COVID-19, with only 16% believe they will go back to living life as they did before the virus. The biggest changes as been people avoiding public places and avoiding handshakes. In spite of the deadliness of COVID-19, the mid-May 2020 survey found one-third of Americans say not likely to get a coronavirus vaccine if one becomes available, with 22% believing not worried about the virus or believing the health threat has been exaggerated.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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