Coronavirus Will Change Our Public Restrooms Forever

May 15, 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a lot of changes to our daily lives and many of them may be permanent, including a trip to a public restroom. A new report says he current layout of commercial bathrooms could potentially aid in the spread of COVID-19 because social distancing requirements are near impossible. Particularly problematic is the fact that most public toilets are without lids, and a flush prompts a 'plume of droplets that explode into the air, coating the surrounding stall and aerosolizing the bowl's contents'. Those droplets can then be breathed in and ingested by people sitting in nearby stalls. Proposed changes include widening the space in between individual urinals and stalls, installing toilet seat lids, enclosing stalls from floor to ceiling and creating a 'S-shaped restrooms' without entrance doors. The winding shape would obscure stalls from outside views. Coronavirus also may speed up single-person, gender-neutral restroom installations. Restroom suppliers have noticed an uptick in requests touchless technologies' including automated taps, toilet buttons, soap dispensers and doors. A recent stud found that COVID-19 can be found in feces more than a month after a person recovers and tests negative to the virus.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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