Why Couples Tend To Look Alike

April 24, 2019


Strange thing about love, couples who commit to each other appears to look a lot alike! While most couple pick up traits of their significant other, couple that physically look alike have captured public fascination for years. Despite the old notion that opposites attract, people naturally gravitate toward people who are familiar, even though the whole process is likely subconscious. Researchers say that phenomenon extends to appearance. You’re familiar with your own appearance, so seeing other people who share those similar sorts of traits might lead to more liking for that reason. One study used digitally altered photos of their romantic partner’s face that had been digitally altered to include some features from another person's face and some features from their own face. Both male and female participants consistently rated the composite that included their own face as the most attractive. Another study found that people were subliminally attracted to features of their opposite-sex parent. Yet another one found people tended to be attracted to and pair up with people who resemble their parents, regardless of sex. However scientists think this may change as old notions of dating change in a modern world.  Many people are getting married later in life and traveling farther for education and work, giving them more opportunities to find and pair up with people from different backgrounds. Also online dating is starting to change the game as people are no longer limited to finding a partner within their social circle or immediate environment.

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