The Countries Where People Are Expected To Live The Longest

October 18, 2018

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The good news is that life expectancy is expected to grow worldwide but for us living in the United States it's isn't expected to grow much, especially by comparison to other counters.  Using research from a 2016 study, scientists were able to analyze 250 causes of death to forecast a reasonable life expectancy for nearly 300 countries in the year 2040. It found Spain is expected to have the world's longest life span, with an average of 85.8 years, followed by Japan with 85.7 years.  Singapore ranked third with 85.4 years with Switzerland in fourth with 85.2 years and Portugal rounding out the top 5 with 84.5 years.  For us in the United States, we are anticipating to add an additional year in 2040 bringing our life expectancy to 79.8 years, placing us in 64th place. In 2016, Americans lived to roughly 78.7 years, on average. The team determined the top factors contributing to premature mortality: high blood pressure, body mass index and blood sugar as well as tobacco and alcohol use. There is no way to ensure you lead a long life, but studies have identified five healthy habits that could help you live longer, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, minimizing binge drinking and trading junk food for vegetables all could add up to 12 years to your life.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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