The Perfect Late-Night Snack

October 15, 2019

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Of course you'd like to find the perfect late-night snack that satisfies your hunger without giving yourself a scare the next morning when umping on the scale.  According to researchers, the best late-night snack you could have is cottage cheese. It has a positive effect on the metabolism and overall health, helps promote muscle recovery, and doesn’t result in any body fat gains. If cottage cheese isn’t exactly your snack of choice, the study’s authors say any helping of 30 grams of protein about a half hour before turning in for the night should do the trick. This study is especially noteworthy because it is among the first ever to have subjects consume a whole food product before bed, as opposed to a dietary supplement such as a protein shake. Moving forward, the research team plan to conduct additional research on other potential late night snacks, in an effort to determine the optimal food choices one can make before bed in order to promote muscle regeneration and overall improved health.

SOURCE: Study Finds

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