The Costs Involved With Bringing Your Pets On Vacation With You

February 19, 2019

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The vacation talk is getting more serious as we make plans to take some rest and relaxation in the spring and summer months. But what about the dog? IT is become more commonplace for pet owners to take their four-legged family members with them. One survey found 40% of pet owners take their dogs with them when they travel. That’s up from 19% a decade ago. However this may be a costly decision both financially and emotionally, so here are some things to remember when planning a vacation with your pet. First, make sure you pet is microchipped and that you have the most up to date information assigned to your pet chip. .  Make sure you visit your vet before departing. Most airlines require a health certificate to prove your dog is fit for travel. While smaller dogs may be able to travel with you in the cabin, expect to pay an additional charge of around $125 each way and they must remain in an airline-compliant pet carrier which can cost from $35 to $250. Some airlines will no longer allow dogs too big for the airline cabin to travel in the luggage hold. Instead, they have to travel as air cargo. That means that when you arrive, you’ll have to go to the cargo area of the airport to get your dog rather than have your dog arrive with your other luggage. As for a road trip, you'll want to purchase a harness seat belt, doggy car seat, or pet barrier to keep them safe. If you rent a car, you should know that most rental companies are pet-friendly and don’t charge additional fees. The hitch is that you might get a bill on the back end if you return the car covered in hair or fur. Most hotels and motels will charge a pet fee as well as limit the size and breed of the dog, so check again before booking. is a great resource that list pet friendly hotels and their fees, which range from $20 to $100 per night. Plus most hotels do not allow you to leave your pet unattended, so you will need to seek out doggy day care, which can range in price from $15 to $40 per day. Airbnb generally charge the same pet fees as hotels. By comparing fees on the road versus boarding at home, it may be cheaper to bring your dog along for the family vacation.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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