Your Friend's Children Are Costing You A Lot Of Money

September 5, 2019

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Kids are expensive!  One report estimates new parents spend an average of $10,721 just in the first year strictly on their child.  However being a friend to parents is costing you too.  The same report found the friends and family of a child spend on average of $512 on the same child! While that may not sound too outrageous, that is for just one friend's child.  The combination of gender reveal parties, baby showers, birthdays and holidays for the child's first 10 years can add up! The average price spent on those gifts are $52 on Easter presents, $71 on Christmas presents and $66 on Birthday presents. This means you can expect to pay an extra $189 per year, which equates to $2213 over 10 years including the first years' extra expenses. So if you do the math for 10 friends with 10 babies and that’s a jaw dropping $22,130 spent just on those cute booties, organic diaper cream and handwoven shawls.


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