The Cost For Selling Your House

August 16, 2019


You might hope that selling a home will leave more money in your pockets, but there are costs of selling a house that can make that difficult. Contrary to popular belief, selling a house isn’t cheap! A recent analysis from real estate company Zillow and home improvement site Thumbtack calculates the cost of selling a house, and it’s a whopping $20,851, on average. So what makes up the cost of selling a house? Basic home prep. We're not talking about a major reno either. Most home sellers paint, get the yard fixed up, and get the house and carpets cleaned. These little fixes don’t seem that major, but they really add up. The national average for basic home preparation costs is $6,570. These costs include exterior painting ($2,600), home staging ($1,805), interior painting ($1,245), local moving ($475), full-service lawn care ($145), carpet cleaning ($140), and house cleaning ($160). These, combined with estimated closing costs (the national average is $14,281), contribute to the shockingly high cost of selling a house. You can certainly take steps in being smart with your basic home prep and in some situations, potential buyers can even request that the seller pay for these projects as part of negotiations.

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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